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Ever since its launch in 2006, H2O has come to be accepted as a magazine that offers relevant and timely news and analysis on the water industry in the Middle East. It is viewed as a magazine with an attractive format that promotes reading ease and effective communication.

H2O is the result of a thoughtful approach to current issues concerning the water industry. Every cover story, feature story, case study and technical paper is the offshoot of detailed research and planning. The stories, in particular, emanate from a well-oiled editorial process with an emphasis on accuracy and objectivity.

A typical issue of H2O contains news and information relating to desalination, distribution and water reuse. These topics are of paramount importance to the magazine, considering their strategic importance to the region in its drive to achieve water security. At the same time, the magazine also discusses such topics as conservation and rainwater harvesting (within the broad framework of check dams and watershed management).

Our aim is to provide the region’s most accurate, authoritative and comprehensive source of information on this ever-changing and fast-moving industry.

There is a lot of intensity and seriousness associated with water in the region. We faithfully try to reproduce the intensity on the pages of the magazine; at the same time, we steadfastly avoid a granite-grim approach, choosing instead a lively and amiable tone and demeanor.

This approach comes naturally to us – with a combined experience of over 25 years in water, we feel at ease while discussing and sharing water-related information with you.

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