The sands have shifted - from being a cooling approach that was viewed with a lot of circumspection, variable refrigerant flow systems have been accepted as a viable option by developers, consultants, contractors and other stakeholders across the region. This is not to suggest that traditional challenges don’t remain, but they are fewer in number.

As VRF manufacturers look to substantially capitalise on the goodwill, a new set of issues have come in to occupy the mindscape. While it is too early to suggest if the issues - an anticipated economic slowdown being one among them - will affect the hard-earned momentum, it certainly pays to be prepared and to evolve a set of new approaches – and perhaps a new way of thinking - to ensure the longevity of the industry. Further progress hinges on the response the manufacturers are willing to give to the issues and on how the other stakeholders come to view the solutions from a broader perspective.

The 4th Annual Middle East Variable Refrigerant Flow Conference will be highlighting the fresh issues that have cropped up and the various solutions and strategies that are being proposed to keep the momentum alive and bristling with energy.

  • Learn first-hand about energy, environment (including refrigerants in the context of COP 21 Summit) and socio-economic development-related policies and planning initiatives of governments in the Middle East and the key expectations of planners and policy-makers from the cooling industry.
  • Learn about innovations in VRF systems, energy efficiency and best practices related to design, installation and optimisation Gain exposure to regional and international case studies and success stories related to VRF projects. Listen to contractors and developers expand on their experiences and expectations out of VRF systems
  • Opportunity to collaborate and partner with VRF manufacturers in arriving at solutions as per the specific requirements of projects Opportunity to see live demonstrations of VRF systems and better understand their specific features

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